50 Questions – About me ;)

Hi guys!

Today I will be answering these 50 simple questions just to introduce myself to you guys. As well as a starter for this blog. I will try my best to answer them with honest and sincerity. Awwww ~


  1. Name – My real name is Jessieca Simara.
  2. Zodiac sign – I am a proud Leo! Rawrrr
  3. Fears – I will totally freaks out at a presence of  a person wearing mascot costume. Afraid of heights and being forced to eat veggies. hehe
  4. thing I love – First and foremost, I love to many things I cannot put the top 3 but I love books (though I don’t read much), dogs and vacation!
  5. best friend – I would say that my best friend is my boyfriend.
  6. last long listened – Adele – Hello
  7. turn ons – Cute people, likes music, charming smiles, have a good style of fashion.
  8. turn offs – Obsessed with themselves, look down on people, liar, drunker.
  9. Underwear – I’m trying hard to avoid this question, haha. It’s yellow.
  10. tattoo/pierced – I have no tattoo but I do have both of my ears pierced.
  11. reason joining tumblr – Instead of Tumblr, I’ll go with WordPress. Because my friend suggest me to start a blog and I ended up here after making a through research (thank you google!).
  12. feelings now – I feel  excited for this new blog and drowsy because I haven’t sleep since the night before today.
  13. I really want to travel to places, for fun or for work. To Europe we gooooo
  14. current relationship – I am in a relationship with the internet. haha. Don’t everyone? But I do have a boyfriend. *wink wink*
  15. URL means – hmm. you silly jess. When you get to know me, you will really say that to me. I am really silly in many kind of ways.
  16. Fav movies – Harry Potter’s series (“Always.“) and Cinderella Storry (by the great Hilary Duff – “waiting for you is like waiting for the rain in this drought“) *slowlycreepingtofindthemoviesagain
  17. Fav songs – I have many but for now, “Over and over again” by Nathan Sykes.
  18. Fav bands – The Wanted, The Script and TVXQ/JYJ.
  19. Upsets me – Failing other people, being mistakenly wrong, friend went for karaoke WITHOUT ME
  20. happy me – Pretty nails, yeay! Singing of course, and being princess.
  21. Attractive in people – The eyes *wink wink again*
  22. someone I miss – My friends *cryinginthecorner*
  23. Someone I love – My boyfriend and my family
  24. relationship with parents – My dad works very far from us and my mom had already passed away. *cryingwithmyteddy*
  25. My favorite holiday is every Christmas holiday.
  26. hmm. I don’t have closest tumblr friend, but I do have closet friend in tumblr. *iamlookingatyouFatin
  27. someone from tumblr you’ll date – I don’t know haha
  28. confession – I used to sleep late (at dawn) during school’s holiday without letting my aunt knew. I will slowly creeping to my bed when I heard their door open. (you can just imagine me in a mouse body trying hard not to make any noise). I am not supposed to stay up late. hehe
  29. annoyed me – annoying people, small fonts and hot weather.
  30. Fav animal – DOG! WOOF WOOF
  31. I have no pets *cryingwithmyteddy*
  32. hehe, for sure I have lied about being ready when actually I just woke up.
  33. currently worries – *crying* not being able to pass my degree
  34. embarassing moment – Fell down when wearing a new high heel on my way to class.
  35. I don’t work.
  36. Constantly in mind – What to eat. hmmm, now, what should I eat for tomorrow’s lunch *deepinthoughts*
  37. Habits – I sleep with my teddy, I chip my toenails by using my fingernails (ended up braking all my nails) and thinking a lot.
  38. Future goal – I want have my own place. haha, talking about being adult
  39. Fantasize – Best friend with my celebrity crushes *talkingtotheposters*
  40. Fav store – Any food storee HAHA
  41. Fav food – Just by thinking of food, a smile crept up on my face *creepysmile* FRIED CHICKEN PLEASE!
  42. done yesterday – Presented my final project *gettingbacktomychicken*
  43. Talent – Listening to others cry out
  44. Perfect date idea – Just being together  *daydreaming*
  45. Celebrity crush – *pulling out a scroll of paper* hmmmmm. Freddie Highmore is one of them.
  46. Photo of myself –
    20150717_204921 there you go. It doesn’t have to be latest photo, right? haha
  47. Fav blog – I don’t have one yet but I like visiting 9GAG and Buzzfeed
  48. No. of kids – I used to think I want 3 but now I just leave it to God. hehe I just want my own kids
  49. I don’t smoke but I do drink. CHEERSS
  50. Are u sleepy? – drowsy yes. its dawn and I should be sleeping. 


So yeah guys. It is sure longg and I hope you enjoy reading them as I enjoyed writing them. I think you can imagine all those weird actions I wrote. haha.

If any of you want to use the questions, you can always take them and may tag me if you want. Am happy and excited to read yours to see whether are you as weird and silly as I am 😉

So that’s all for now. Bye people, be HAPPY!


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