“The ones that love us never really leave us.” – Sirius Black (J.K. Rowling)


Yesterday, I attended the prayer for 40 days of my passing uncle. And today, I had watched the Harry Potter and th Prisoner of Azkaban (for the numerous time). But near the ending, Sirius Black said the quote above. So for a while there, it just got me thinking. People come and go in our life. We cannot control their presence neither their absence. So we just have to accept this. We may be dont mind their comings but if we already get used to these people, them leaving will leave a scar to us.

But in the sense of my belief, I believe that people who passed away before me is because God take them away since they have enough of what in earth life. What I mean is that, if they were having a very hard time in life, God probably take them away because letting them stay would hurt them more. Since God love us all equally, He took them first. Though knowing this will hurt us, who left behind, He will certainly will ease our pain and sorrow in His own way that we did not realise. Besides, I remember a homily given by a priest saying that God may be taking them away because letting them stay would make them tainted by sins or the darkness of the world. Taking them away does not mean,we are left behind, unloved. There are times we feel unfair, but in God’s way, there must be certain reason that are unknown or foreign to us and we have to accept it with good heart.

But to those who felt sadden by the fact our beloved person left us for when we are not ready, do remember that they never left. As long as you remember, they live right inside your heart. As long as you believe, God is there for you.

To those who had just lost their beloved person, know that the person may no longer feel pain.But you have to stay strong for them and continue to pray for them so that their path to God is clear. Hence, all is well.

If you ever need someone to ever talk to, I may not be a good advisor nor understanding what you are going through,  I am still a fair listener for what you need to let out. You can DM me on twitter or anything.

Picture credit: etsy.com/Pinterest.com


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