Visit to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park with boyfriend!

Last week, I actually had interesting things to do because my boyfriend had a short holiday so I got to spend time with him before he went back for work. So what we do was, we went to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah just for fun. It is actually my intention because these days I saw lots of couples went for a short trip and I just have to drag my boyfriend for this short getaway. Joke. He is willingly went for this visit. Though the zoo is quite far from the city and he had to drive. Video below shows my Snapchat compilation on our visit to the zoo.

Lok Kawi Wildlife has many species of animals includes mammal, birds and reptiles. There is also a Botanical Garden but we did not enter the garden because it seems to me very wild and I was quite tired from all the walking.

We arrived the zoo before noon and we have to walk around the zoo for the sight seeing because we were late for the tram service. Before entering the zoo, we have to pay for the entrance fee.

Entrance fee: Visitor 18 year old & above – RM10 for Malaysian and RM20 for NonMalaysian while for Visitors 3 to 17 years old – RM 5 for Malaysian and RM10 for NonMalaysian. (It is free for Malaysian Senior citizen and for Handicapped visitors)

lokkawi brochure

There were many animals we saw but I will not mention every animal because that will make this post very long. You have to go there and experience it yourselves because that will be more fun. I saw there were a lot of families came visiting, bringing their small children, perhaps to teach them about nature. And I think that is a very good way to teach children and carving their interest towards nature so that in a way, they actually appreciate the environment more and will take care of it.

There were many deer in their section, like a whole big family, staring back at us when we look at them. Though it was kinda sad, they have to be cramped at their place. Maybe the zoo let them out at some time but I don’t know. They were very composed, if I have to express it. As if they don’t have choice but to stay in the block. Same goes to the monkey species. There this one small primate we saw, was looking at a distance and looked very depressed. I don’t know if that is just the way there are but it still look sad. Besides, there these neighboring monkeys exchanging their food as if they were secret lover. haha

Other than that, I just knew that ostrich is attracted to shiny things. My boyfriend told me not to turn the flash on and I was like why? And he told me about it. Well, you learn new things everyday. I was probably stick to my bf the whole time because I was imagining those animals can suddenly escaped and I would probably the slowest runner, hence first to be attacked. haha.

Next, we went to this small secluded building where they put some reptiles. That was the most scary area I’ve been at the zoo (scarier than the tiger) because the passage is very narrow and all scary things came up on my mind. Though the snakes (they were very big and long, I tell you) were behind the glass (like the one Nagini have in the first HP), it would probably break if the snake hit them. I have to stick to my boyfriend (more like strangling him) all the time because he was cool, meh this is just animals caged, will not jumped out. You never know, snakes can be strong. But the cutest thing at the end of the passage was tortoises, and the scary passage was worth it. One suddenly slipped into their small lake and was upside down.

Then this one Malayan Tiger we saw was resting near the corner of its block looked so lonely though. I was wondering if it has friends before and was just ended up alone. I can’t help but feel sorry for it.

Last but not least, and is my favorite to see is the otters!!! They were so cute but they were swimming away from us (look humans! lets swim away from them *sigh*). The way they swim were very smooth and all I can do was just admiring them. I can’t swim btw, which is why I admire them so much and how they move looked so graceful. I don’t know why I am looking at them as if they were my life philosopher but yeah you get it. Inspiration just come when I watch them swimming.

You just have to go there to feel more of the moments. I can’t share them all here but I hope you do get what I feel on some of the moments because I was happy to spend the time with my boyfriend but looking at the animals that stuck there, it was kinda sad. But I hope the animals do have their companions with them there.

So that’s it. My experience of going to the zoo with my boyfriend. He was like my own tour guide the whole time as well as my body guard. awww. Trust me, it was a lot more interesting to go with your loved ones rather than going there alone.

Hope you enjoy this short trip with me as you were reading it. Thanks for reading!




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