10 Desserts I love worth mentioned.

Hi guys!

Don’t we all lovee desserts? Sometimes we even have them as a meal just because  we love to eat them. Those sweets and delicious treats. So, today I will be listing 10 desserts that worth mentioning because they are so delicious and should be try by every food lovers out there. Here they are:

  1. CHEESE CAKE – This has to be at the top on the list. I mean everyone loves cheesecake. Not to mention there are many type of cheese cake. Chocolate cheese cake, marble cheese cake and more.

  2. ICE CREAMS – Not only little children love ice creams but adults are allowed to love them to. But my favorite ice cream flavor is PEPITA ice cream! And next to it is CHOCOLATE CHIPS ice cream! Ice creams bring childhood memories *sigh*.

  3. STRAWBERRY YOGURTS – I am not really a fan of yogurts but I can never say no to strawberry yogurts. The taste is just right amount of sour, sweet and every taste.

  4. CHOCOLATE BROWNIES – Hot brownies that just came out from hot oven is the best. With some caramel drizzles and chocolate drips on top just makes everything seems right.

  5. OREO TRUFFLES – This is perfect for a gift. I once made OREO truffles myself for Valentine’s  Day as a gift for my boyfriend. The shape was out of it but the taste is perfect (OREO is always perfect in any shape) and makes everything is worth it. You can look up online on the recipe, there are plenty recipe you can try.

  6. AIS KACANG/ABC (shaved ice with toppings) – I believe shaved ice is perfect for a hot day as a way to cool off your temperature. Depending on your favorite toppings and flavor, you can make it perfect. I like mine topped with some corn and evaporated milk.

  7. UFO TART – No guys, we are not eating UFO neither does it looks like UFO’s flying saucer. But it is actually a famous dessert in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia for its sweet taste and cute look. You guys should google how it looks like and what its tasted like.

  8. COCONUT FRUIT – At our country Malaysia, people always imagine the coconut fruit is picked by trained monkeys. I rarely see one at my place but some state have them. Coconut has its juice and fills that can be drink or eaten together. It is nice to have them fresh and chill.

  9. DURIAN PUFF – This cream puff is also one of my favourite. Durian are rare at region other than tropical states, hence some people may not like it due to its strong smell. But other than that, Durian puff is one of the tasty puff ever if you just willingly try it and experience a whole new world.

  10. LECHE FLAN – This brings back my childhood memory. Leche flan is a Filipino caramel dessert that taste sweet and it has small juice around it which makes it taste even more wonderful.


These are my top 10 desserts that I would like to share with you guys. Sorry for my horrible explanation for I am not very good at describing the taste but I can ensure you that they taste absolutely great! Though not all may like it because our taste may be different. You can search on how they look like at Google Image and see how beautiful these desserts can be.

If you have any suggestion, do tell me you favorite dessert so I can love them too. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoy imagining all the desserts that I can eat. 

Thanks for reading!

Credit: Piviso.com for chocolate cake photo

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