5 Drama/Shows that I love to rewatch

Everyone have their own favorite or certain TV shows or movies that they will never get bored on watching them again and again. Coming across them after changing the channel *abusing the remote control* will make you stop anything you do just to watch them again. Or, even when you simply miss all those scenarios in the shows that makes your heart desire to watch them again. Hence, these are my favorites which I would like to share them with all of you!

  1. The Nanny – Lets be honest, can anyone forget the laugh of Nanny Fran? Even I will literally copy her laughter some times. Plus, Niles is not the only one that came to frustration every time Fran and Mr. Sheffield did not get the point where they belong to each other. This show had ended years ago but I will always coming back to them. I have to tell you that even now, I am on Season 3 and I can’t wait for them to get married.

  2. Barbie Life in the Dream House – It is nothing wrong with watching cartoon even when you are as old as Barbie (I have no idea how old is Barbie, maybe you can tell me). I love this particularly Barbis show because she is living my dream life there. And looking at all those attire she had makes me want to work on my appearance as well. But in a good way of influence. I mean she gives good reason to stay beautiful, but that is not only the point, you have to stay beautiful in the inside as well. That’s what makes you beautiful πŸ™‚

  3. We Got Married – WGM is actually a Korean reality TV shows that I have been following since it started. It’s a program where the celebrity are virtually married and they have special missions to help them to grow fond to each other. As you follow their journey, you will can see all the awkwardness, loving, annoying and romantic moments. Please be prepared, if you are single and looking for something to watch, this may be or may be not a choice for you because you either be enchanted by the romance or jealous of those beautiful moments.

  4. 2 Broke Girls – I was first to introduce to this series by my classmate (which introduced by her friend) and since then I had been a fan. It’s about a two girls that dream to have their own cupcake shop though still working in Han’s diner with Earl and Oleg. Max is kinda bitter and Caroline is totally a princess (which I can totally relate). Their relationship is very funny to watch, plus it is not a messy drama, so I can watch it without feeling stressed and burden. I used to watch this all the time and re-watching them again every time I miss the funny scenarios.

  5. All of my favorite dramas and movies – Okay, you have to admit, when you like a certain drama or movie,  you can always watch it again, even for the hundredth times. I have my favorite as well but I will list down them later  to share with you guys.


These are my favorites and do tell me what’s your favorite. Who knows when I try to watch your favorite TV shows, I might be hooked as well. I will share more of my favorite list soon, so stay tuned and till then, bye!

Hope you enjoy this list and can relate to me πŸ™‚

Credit:  Image by C_osett

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