Surprise Birthday Attack on Me! By My Friends

Hi guys! Earlier this month, I actually had my birthday which I expected to be very depressed because everyone would probably don’t remember it but thanks to Facebook, some of my friends and relatives wished me back then. I wake up in the dawn and wished myself ‘Happy Birthday’ and went back to sleep.

Now I’ll be talking about how my day went from ok to OMG YOU GUYS!

What happen was that I had quite a moody day because I don’t usually spending my birthday without a celebration (I am such a princess, I know) but that day was like so gloomy, no one in the house remember my birthday at all except my brother (he woke me up early morning just to wish my birthday before he went for work).

Usually, friends or family will celebrate my birthday with having a dinner out together or just simply having a small celebration with them singing to me the birthday song. So, all day, I had lowered my expectation because I know it’s not gonna be the same like it used to (maybe this is a grown up thing) but I still felt down. Plus, not many people in my family knows its my birthday (gosh, I am such a princess). But it didn’t mean I didn’t appreciate the others that remember and wishes my birthday, like OMG, I appreciate you guys so much, you won’t even know because it made my day better with all those small wishes, I pray that you guys be blessed.

So, in the evening, my brother brought home a cake (American Cheese Cake !!), which I love and I wished I can finished them in the same night. But we all know, we have to spare them for late night snacks tomorrow. Then, we like went to the kitchen and open the cake box. I am like super excited for the cake and trying hard to lift up the mood because there were only my sister and my brother there to celebrate and to sing the song for me. Honestly, I was quite sad because there were only us and only my brother and I try to lift up the mood. To quote my brother, “Awkward nya ni” which literally means, ‘This is awkward’. But we just when over the singing part and blowing candles to cut the cake.

American Cheese Cake

After cutting the cake, literally, everyone went to do their own thing and I was alone in the kitchen to cut the cake for myself to eat. Because no one even bother to touch the cake. haha.

With the heavy but delightful and thankful heart, I enjoyed the cake my brother bought. After that, decided that I needed something to fill my stomach and start to cook packets of instant noodles. Somehow I refused to eat rice.

While cooking the noodles, suddenly one of my closest friend called me. I am like super happy because someone actually call me on my birthday. I picked it up with small teary eyes. But when I answered the phone, my friend seemed to have problem with the line because she kept on saying hello and asking me to go another place because she thought I have the line problem. So, I turned off the stove and went to the living room but still it seemed like the line was still in bad reception. I was quite confused actually because I heard her very clearly and there is nothing wrong with my line, plus, I was very excited to talk to her but the reception was refused to late it happen.

She asked me to go to the front gate to find the reception. That was when I started to questioned because why would I go there because that probably the worst place to get reception. Suddenly I was like very shocked coming to realization, “Are they here? How is that even possible, how do they even found this place? Are they crazy to come here at night? Why do they come? I don’t deserve this. I am not special for people to come and surprise me on my birthday.”. I refused to understand that they were there. So, I peeked at the window and I actually saw car’s light and that was when I started cry like very badly because I realize, they were really here at my place.

Tears dropped like waterfalls and even my grandmother came out from the bathroom to check on me because my crying sounds like someone has pass away. With all the sobbing, my grandmother can only hear “friends” came out from me. So, after I opened the gate and continue to sob while inviting them to my house, I just hugged them and felt very thankful for these friends of mine because they came to surprise me even after a long hours of journey from other part of the state and after working all day.

It turned out they had planned this earlier in collaboration with my boyfriend because he knew where I lived. He actually did hint on me when he said that there could be a surprise event but I refused to acknowledge it because at the moment, it was already late, and I lost all my hope for happy celebration.

I have to say that was the most beautiful thing my friends had done for me on my birthday and to have this shocking surprise after the day that I felt so gloomy, even my boyfriend couldn’t really hyped me up because he’s far away working, I felt so blessed and very happy I couldn’t stop crying and still shocked. I was so happy after I stopped crying, I started to hype again and talking non stop.

So, here I just want to let these friends know that I was so grateful for them to come and celebrated me because it let me know that everything is possible. Without them, I probably I still think about how my birthday went and feel less appreciated. Thank you for those remembers me, my family especially my brother for buying the wonderful cake, my beautiful friends that surprises me (including those behind the scene) and to everyone that actually wished me online. I pray that every single one of you be blessed and will never feel neglected. Every time you feel sad, just bow down and pray for hope in God’s mercy so that happiness can be in any chance.

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light. – Harry Potter.

Besides that,  what each of us (the Bend and Snap squad) have to wear during our birthday is a special headband that represent the birthday girl a.k.a the princess for the whole day. Supposedly the real headband is blue but it was still at my friend so they decided to buy another one for me to wear on my birthday.

Princess Pink Headband

I think that is all I wanted to share. How I went very gloomy to very grateful to everyone exist in this world. I hope you can understand what I’ve been trying to tell on the story because I’ve been bottling these up and I really want to share this with others.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Have a beautiful blessed day ❤


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